Best Low-Cost Country Sourcing
In order to remain competitive in this new global arena, companies are obliged to become strategic players on the global market.Growing consumption and increased consumer demands are driving a more International approach to sourcing. Companies are going further and further afield in the search for the low-cost suppliers.One possible way to beat the competition and increase margins is by moving production to low-cost countries or source component and products from low-cost countries.
Verka sourcing with the on-ground presence in low-cost countries makes our overseas clients feel home while developing their critical components from the best low-cost countries. Our experienced local engineering team in different LCCs with strong manufacturing and sourcing background have in-depth knowledge of supplier base in their specific regions.With our services, you can be sure that low-cost country sourcing is truly going to offer the best cost for your company.


Following are Low-cost countries: –


India: India is considered as preferred low-cost sourcing destination by the Global manufacturer. India’s investment-friendly policies, forward-thinking reforms, higher disposable incomes and rising middle class have made it an attractive outsourcing destination for foreign With the largest population of young engineers with fluent English speaking skills, India becomes perfect sourcing destination for Global organizations.


China: -China is a prominent outsourcing destination in Asia.Most Western companies are lured to the Chinese markets due to the low cost of production.A huge domestic market, developed infrastructure and Government’s favorable policies on exports makes China a perfect outsourcing destination.


South East Asia: Other cost-competitive countries are Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia. These countries have educated low-cost labor and fast developing internal Market.